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The paraplegic and paralympic athlete, Jimmy Pelletier, has given himself quite a challenge. His goal is to cross Canada from coast to coast to help people with autism spectrum disorders and physical or intellectual disabilities.

He will be accompanied by 6 cyclists and travel 7,200 kilometers in 67 days hoping to raise more than $500,000.00 “one pedal at a time”.

This amount, combined with the 2019 “Randonnée Jimmy Pelletier” earnings, will be given to Patro Roc-Amadour and Adaptavie, as well as to various organizations in the cities visited during the Jimmy Pelletier 2019 coast to coast challenge.

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Photo credit: Le Journal de Québec

About Jimmy

Jimmy Pelletier became paraplegic after a car accident in 1996, he was only 19 years old. During recovery and after several months of rehabilitation, he envisioned himself becoming a paralympic athlete. His love of sports gave him the will and courage to persevere and try something new, to challenge himself. Mission accomplished, he competed in the Torino 2006 Paralympic Games in cross-country skiing, and was also a member of the Canadian hand cycling race bike team.

Since the end of his competitive athletic career, Jimmy has made sporting events and challenges a means of supporting causes that are important to him. In 2018, he became only the second in the world to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro using an adaptive mountain bike.

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The mission

Our mission is to help people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities in Québec city and surrounding areas by supporting two important causes Adaptavie and Patro Roc-Amadour.

The proceeds of the various Jimmy Pelletier events (The Randonnée Jimmy Pelletier, The spin O Cage, the Mount Kilimanjaro ascent, and Jimmy’s conferences) make it possible to purchase adapted sports equipment, contribute to the realization of different projects promoting the development, socialization and the accompaniment of the physically or intellectually handicapped.

Since 1980, this team of experts has offered a variety of physical and athletic adaptive activity programs, as well as respite programs for people with functional limitations.

Adaptavie’s mission is to maintain, improve, promote, and prevent the erosion of the health and well-being of people with functional limitations.

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Operating in the heart of Limoilou since 1948, Patro Roc-Amadour is a community centre that welcomes thousands of people every year, including children, teenagers, people with a physical or intellectual disability, adults, and seniors.

It encourages personal integral development through recreational activities and the Service d’entraide (support for disadvantaged people). It also offers an educational environment that complements school and home education.

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