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School Tour

Jimmy’s School Tour

Jimmy Pelletier’s school tour is an educational component with the primary objective of inspiring and motivating youth. Invite Jimmy into your school to share his story, or raise your student’s awareness by using his recommended educational tools below.

Please contact us if you are interested in having Jimmy visit your school!


The goal of this tour is to support the educational staff in the concept of perseverance teaching, to provide them with the tools to better support their students and to help them achieve personal and scholarly success.


  • Surpassing of oneself
  • Give one’s 100%
  • Respect the difference
  • Self-confidence
  • Have fun
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Give back to others
  • Mutual aid

“For me, taking up this challenge is an important step in my life. It represents perseverance and determination; two values I wish to convey to young people. I would like to involve schools in this great adventure by starting with a visit to their community before I leave for this journey across Canada. I really wish to spread the following message: ‘’Believe in yourself! Everything is possible!”

— Jimmy Pelletier

Mars and april 2019

In March and April, Jimmy Pelletier will offer 1 hour presentations to certain schools that he has been asked to visit. Below you will find the plan of Jimmy’s presentation as well as suggestions for youth activities related to “Jimmy Pelletier The Journey”

May 2019

Jimmy will begin his big journey on May 7! Encourage your students to follow his adventure regularly and to support him using several methods mentioned below. Best of luck in your journey as well!

Download the activities

Download the presentation plan:

Presentation Plan

Download the activities and the Q&As:

Kindergarden, grade 1 & 2
Grade 3 & 4
Grade 5 & 6

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For any questions related to the School Tour of Jimmy Pelletier, please contact:

Mrs. Julie Thibault
418-529-4996 ext. 251